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Small Form Factor

Sep 01, 2020

At Reload PC, we have a thing for small packages that pack a big punch. For Jeremy, it all started when he moved into an apartment. There was one problem: he moved in with his girlfriend. Suddenly, his world change from a delightful darkly-lit mancave, to a study room full of skincare and clothing. Translation: there was no mancave for him anymore. Jeremy had to adapt or be without a proper gaming PC.

Fractal Era Build Log

Dec 07, 2020

The Fractal Era (Fractal Design Era ITX) was released in early 2020 and, although despite attracting a mixture of praise and criticism, it was a case that I quite was interested in. With a standard internal layout in a reasonably small format, it provides the ability to house full ATX-sized power supply, and looks different on the outside. Video reviews all featured the case with a nice looking wooden panel. In mid-2020, these were selling retail for around $270.00 but could be found for as low as $200.