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SFF Case Size Guide

Jul 12, 2022

The term “small form factor” (often called SFF), encompasses a large variety of small PC builds. You’ll often also hear terminology thrown around like mini-ITX and sandwich case, and even PC sizes being measured in litres! Let’s go over all of these terms.

Fractal Era Build Log

Dec 07, 2020

The Fractal Era (Fractal Design Era ITX) was released in early 2020 and, although despite attracting a mixture of praise and criticism, it was a case that I quite was interested in. With a standard internal layout in a reasonably small format, it provides the ability to house full ATX-sized power supply, and looks different on the outside. Video reviews all featured the case with a nice looking wooden panel. In mid-2020, these were selling retail for around $270.00 but could be found for as low as $200.

Small Form Factor

Sep 01, 2020

At Reload PC, we have a thing for small packages that pack a big punch. For Jeremy, it all started when he moved into an apartment. There was one problem: he moved in with his girlfriend. Suddenly, his world change from a delightful darkly-lit mancave, to a study room full of skincare and clothing. Translation: there was no mancave for him anymore. Jeremy had to adapt or be without a proper gaming PC.