GTX 960 FPS Series Gaming

Looking to start or restart PC gaming? Get capable desktop performance at an affordable price. Don’t pay more than you need to!

This PC is preinstalled with Fortnite and GTA V. It is also capable of running games including DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Rainbox Six Siege and similar FPS’s/MOBA’s.

⚠ Note: This CPU is not compatible with games that require the SSSE3 instruction set (Apex Legends). If you have a question about a specific game please send us a message.


Processor AMD Phenom IIX6 1055T, 6-core πŸ”ƒ
Graphics Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 πŸ”ƒ
Motherboard Asus M4A88T πŸ”ƒ
Memory 8GB DDR3 πŸ”ƒ
Storage (Boot) Toshiba 320GB HDD πŸ”ƒ


Add 120GB SSD drive πŸ”ƒ +$50.00
Upgrade HDD to 2TB drive (recommended with SSD) πŸ”ƒ +$50.00