TT FPS Low Profile Gaming PC

Need an economical rig for playing FPS and the occasional AAA title? The humble and honest TT FPS Low Profile got you covered, with its i5 CPU and Radeon R9 380X graphics.

Boasting a clean, well-lit and spacious interior and simple low-profile aesthetic, this mid-tier gaming PC will deliver your first-person-shooter frames-per-second (FPS FPS!). You can expect:

Low 144 frames per second (peak)
Medium 100 frames per second (sustained)
High 60 frames per second (sustained)


CPU Intel i5-6500T 4 core/4 thread, up to 3.10GHz 🔃
Graphics Asus Strix R9 380X OC 4G Gaming 🔃
RAM 16GB Kingston DDR3 🔃
Motherboard Asus H170M-E 🔃
Drive (Boot) 128GB Samsumg m.2 SSD
Drive (Storage) 2x 500GB Seagate HDD (spanned volume) 🔃
Power supply 650W Corsair TX 🔃
Case Thermaltake Core V21 🔃