CM Strix i7 1080Ti High End Gaming Machine

A high-end yet affordable gaming build for $2,000.


Processor Intel i7-7700K, 4 core/8 thread, up to 4.2 GHz, unlocked
Motherboard Asus Z270 Prime-AR
Graphics Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti OC 11GB
Case Cooler Master MB520 RGB
Memory 32GB Team Group T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 RAM
Storage 256GB NVMe SSD (boot drive)
Storage 1TB HDD (data drive)

Reload PC’s CM Strix systems

Reload PC combines Cooler Master hardware and Asus ROG Strix components together to form the CM Strix line of products. We love Cooler Master’s complete and comprehensive line-up of gaming PC hardware allowing us to brand-match and colour-coordinate your PC tower case, AIO liquid cooling, RGB LED fans, RGB hub, power supply and more. Asus ROG Strix parts are the ultimate in high quality gaming parts, and with an Asus motherboard, graphics card and their Asus AURA sync software, you can customise your PC’s LED lighting exactly the way you like it.