Small Form Factor Systems

Reclaim your desk space with SFF mini desktop computers (aka small form factor or mini-ITX). We design and build high-quality SFF systems with mini ITX components from Geeek, Metalfish, Ncase M1, Streacom DA2, FormD, NZXT H1, Cooler Master and more. Carefully balancing your SFF system’s thermals, noise and power, we’ll plan the optimal solution and explain to you how it works. Choose from our SFF selection, or contact us for a custom build!

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Prebuilt systems

Everything you see in our shop is a pre-built PC system. They’re carefully designed and built. Some aspects may be customisable, just use the “Ask a Question” button on the product’s page.

Custom Builds

Have a specific requirement in mind? Do you already have a parts list? We can source parts, recommend, construct your system and get it delivered to you. No sweat 😅.
Find out more about custom builds.

Getting you the best prices

When we build systems, we source our new parts at discounted prices and we pass the savings on to you. If you order a custom build with us, we’ll make sure we find the best prices for you, or we’ll recommend an agreed equivalent.

Some of our pre-built systems contain used and refurbished parts. This means you get a great deal at a lower price. All used/refurbished (“reloaded!”) parts are clearly marked with 🔃 and are guaranteed by us under our seller warranty. See our FAQ for more about refurbishment.