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Based in Sydney, Reload PC builds high quality gaming systems and workstation systems. We emphasise:

  • Straightforward pricing - full upfront costs indicated
  • Build aesthetics - lighting, cables, colour themes
  • Providing sensible advice and value-oriented parts recommendations
  • High performance to value ratios - bang for buck
  • Service that lasts after your purchase - we look after our customers
Have you ever seen computers advertised as "starting from", and then the computer you want costs much more than your budget? At Reload PC, we are committed to simple, upfront and honest pricing.

We regularly post photos of our work on our Facebook Page and Instagram. Take a look!

Buying with us

We sell pre-built systems and we also take orders for custom system builds.

We accept online payment methods including Credit Card, PayPal and bank deposit. We also accept cash payments for pickups.

Pickup is available in Sydney, or we ship Australia-wide for a flat fee.

All of our pre-built and custom-built systems come with a warranty that includes six (6) months seller warranty for parts (including second-hand parts) and workmanship, in addition to all applicable manufacturer warranties. See our Warranty section for more information.

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