Pricing for custom builds

Have you got a budget? Looking at what components you might typically find at each price point? Here’s a list of guidelines we have put together – if you complete a custom order with us, here is what you can expect.

Please note: These are based pricing and availability as of July 2020. We’ll update this price guide whenever we can, but do reach out to us as well!

We are transparent with our pricing, and we help you understand the costs involved. We use online tools like PC Part Picker to share lists with you, and we explain your options to you in plain English. Our Terms and Conditions of service are available for you to peruse, too.

Table of Contents

Entry Level Systems

Custom Entry Level

Price range: $900—$1,500

These economy/budget builds will carry you through for the next few years. Beyond a few years though - you may be looking for an upgrade again. They can typically play last year’s games quite well, and this year’s games reasonably well. However, playing games at high framerates (FPS) may require low graphics quality settings, and vice versa.

Affordable entry-level gaming systems: Popular parts in this price range include -

Capable office PCs: You might be after -

Refurbished parts: Consider a system containing refurbished parts; these will allow you to take advantage of cheaper prices on the used market, including top-end parts from previous years which still perform very well in the present day.

Upgradeability: Some entry-level builds are upgradeable, since there are better CPUs and graphics cards that are compatible with rest of the hardware. Later on, these better parts can usually be found on a 2nd-hand market. However, if a build contains refurbished and older, unsupported hardware, there may not be any upgrades available for that anymore.

Mid Range Systems

Custom Mid Range

Price range: $1,500—$2,500

With a balanced approach to most things, your mid-tier build will power through your desired usage. Achieve great results in your gaming performance and other tasks, without overspending on components. In games, you’ll reach high framerates (FPS) with high graphics performance on a standard 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. You should be able to comfortably play 1440p and ultrawide-resolution games at framerates of 60-100 FPS.

Balanced mid-range gaming systems:

Refurbished parts: For gaming, consider a refurbished high-end graphics card from 2015-2019, such as a GTX 1070, GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti. A refurbished Intel CPU is also a good option for mid-range gaming, such as i7-6700K to 9700K. These parts are subject to availability - we may have them in stock.

High End Systems

Custom High End

Price range: $2,500—$3,500

In this category we include high-density small-form-factor (SFF less than 7L) requests, and high-impact custom LED lighting requests. High refresh rate (high FPS) gaming also falls into this category.

Research is vital for high-end custom builds. In these builds, you want to stick to best-in-class components, and quality and longevity of your system is of great importance. Your high-end system is an investment that will carry you comfortably over the next few years, and potentially perform multiple roles - gaming and streaming, media creation, professional work, software engineering, simulations, and more. You may wish to overclock the components of a high-end system, in order to produce even better performance.

Your professional workstation most likely has high-speed, low-latency and parallel-compute requirements. Consider system features such as high-core-count CPUs, PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 4, and NVMe SSDs. It is also easy to overspec your system, and spend money on features/processing power that will go unused. By carefully assessing the requirements, we aim to “rightsize” your custom build.

Powerful high-end gaming systems: Diving into the details -

Professional workstations:

Ultra High End Systems

Custom Ultra High End

Price range: $3,500+

You want best-in-class components, no compromises. 4K gaming, insanely fast video rendering, case mods, fully lit custom-loops — let’s go.

Your system may consist of:

High-end system build portfolio available upon request – contact us.

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