Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to see the answers to most-queried topics here at Reload PC.

Our products and sales

Can you swap X, change Y or remove Z?

Yes, depending on what system and the type of part you intend to swap. For example, with our pre-built systems, we are usually able to change the graphics card and/or storage drives. Other component-swap requests may incur a custom build fee. Read more about this on the terms and conditions page.

Can you give me a discount or accept an offer?

We usually have some great deals under $1000 on this page. No, we don’t accept offers – but we can accommodate your budget in a custom system build. All of the builds on our custom builds page were built and delivered strictly in accordance with each customer’s budget!

How can I pay?

We accept several online payment methods through our checkout. We offer the following online payment methods:

Please note that deliveries will not be dispatched until online payment is received in full. Orders that have not been paid for after seven (7) days will be cancelled.

What are your bank account details (EFT)?

If you have selected bank transfer/deposit (EFT) as your payment option, here are the account details:

Do you have a warranty?

All our pre-built and custom-built system come with a seller (parts and labour) warranty as well as all applicable manufacturer warranties. Read more about our warranty policy.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Where a major failure has occurred, you are entitled to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law. You are also otherwise entitled to a return or exchange if required under other applicable laws of Australia. Where there is a change of mind, we do not accept returns or exchanges - please make sure you are selecting what you want before finalising your purchase! If you are ever unsure about what you are looking for, we are always happy to advise on the type of components that are appropriate for you and your budget.

I have a problem with my purchase. How can I get help?

As a customer of ours, we’re happy to provide you with help and support for your gaming PC. If your system is not working as intended, and you are within the warranty period, we will arrange a ‘return to base’ to get you up and running again. Please have your invoice handy to refer to your order/invoice number, for quick identification.

About what we do

What’s the Reload PC “difference”?

Knowledge and advice: We can help give you advice on recommended combinations for what you need, including the best prices for getting there.

Time and investment: We invest lots of time and care into building high-quality systems. Each of our gaming machines is delivered with a clean aesthetic, and fully functional parts. We love system building, and for us it’s grown into a shop where we can provide customers with aesthetic PCs that others can’t match!

One of a kind: Each of our Gaming PCs are tastefully designed and usually follow a theme, which also include small form factor, cube-shaped PCs and colour-based interior design schemes!

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