Terms and Conditions

Here are some important information that Reload PC (we, us) require our customers (you) to be aware of when building and buying PCs (systems) with us:

  1. Your order may be a pre-built system, or a custom-order system. This will be marked in our spec sheet If you request changes to a pre-built order, then we may: i) change the overall pricing (increase or decrease) to reflect the change, and ii) charge a change fee of up $50.00 for incorporating the change. For custom orders, a build fee is already applied to the quote; however, if you request a change after your custom order is built, then we will treat it as a pre-built change and we may charge you (i) and (ii) as described above.
  2. All system orders, regardless of type, must be paid for in full before delivery dispatch or pick up. You will receive a tax invoice to request payment, and a receipt along with the goods.
  3. For custom orders we may require a deposit to be paid before starting the system’s parts acquisition and build. This will be $100 or 10% of the quote price (incl GST), whichever is higher. You will be issued a tax invoice for the deposit payment, and the deposit will be deducted from your final payment. The deposit is only refundable at our discretion. Be sure to tell us as early as possible if your circumstances change and you do not wish to proceed with your order.
  4. For pre-built orders, deliveries will be dispatched no more than 2 business days. For custom orders, we will provide you with a timeline for when delivery is expected to occur. We will give you an estimate about the time expected (including parts acquisition, build, and delivery time). We can’t cater for unforeseen delays (hence they’re unforeseen) but we will always communicate any news, good and bad, through to you.
  5. Shipping and delivery is on a per-order basis (we often include free delivery) and any costs for delivery will be clearly listed in your tax invoice. Pickup is always free. If shipped, we will generally take out shipping insurance however, in the event that your order is lost, as part of the terms and conditions, we aren’t held responsible for replacement or compensation.
  6. Our decision to cancel your custom order will come with a full refund of your deposit. However, your decision to cancel your custom order (e.g. change of mind) will generally mean you forfeit your deposit. At our discretion we may refund some or all of your deposit. Be sure to tell us as early as possible if your circumstances change and you do not wish to proceed with your order.
  7. Except for Windows installation and OEM licences, software is something we generally do not include with system orders. Windows 10 licences are often included in orders, check your tax invoice. If we bundle a licence key, be sure to check your tax invoice for the key and keep this safe for future reinstallations of Windows 10.
  8. We generally do not offer refunds or exchanges for change-of-mind situations; we have no obligation to do so. However, we invite you to contact us and discuss your circumstances as we may come to a mutual agreement. We reserve the right to make the final decision in all circumstances.
  9. See our warranty policy for information including limitations and exclusions. This is available to view and download from our website. Your warranty claim will be processed in accordance with this policy.
  10. Coupon codes, which are a form of limited-time discount (not including already marked-down prices), are subject to any conditions for that coupon code. These conditions will always be listed alongside the original promotional material. The coupon code may have an expiry date, or may only be applicable to certain products. We reserve the right to cancel coupon codes, at our discretion, prior to the transaction being conducted.

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