Designing your build

We are keen to help see your custom build from concept to finish! Get advice on components, assistance with acquiring parts, and we will build and deliver your system for you. Importantly, we’re here to help you keep your costs down.

Type of desktop PC system

When it comes to desktop systems, we specialise in two classes: Gaming Tower, and Small Form Factor.

Gaming Tower systems are contained medium-to-large PC cases. These look great! They are fantastic gaming rigs and are the most popular solution for high-end, max performance PC gaming. Many of our gaming tower systems have LED RGB lighting installed, with fully customisable controls. Another common feature is a glass side-panel, allowing for your neatly installed components to be out on disply. Gaming towers range from more compact "mid towers" around 30cm tall through to "full towers" over 50cm tall.
Small Form Factor (SFF) systems prioritise being as small as possible to save space and look neat, while still packing reasonable compute power. Much like gaming tower systems, our SFF custom builds contain graphics cards, ideal for PC gaming. They also make great work computers because they're so small, and are portable enough to be carried around! We specialise in custom SFF including modifications, custom-loop water cooling, thermally-efficient designs and great aesthetics.

System Specialties

Here we pick the specific things that you want to do with your new PC.

Gaming is by far the most popular requirement! The emphasis is on the graphics card (also sometimes called GPU, short for “Graphics Processing Unit”). Graphics cards are responsible for rendering the frames before they are displayed on your monitor. When it comes to gaming, there’s usually a lot happening on-screen and so a better graphics card is able to better keep up and produce higher frames per second (FPS) for a smoother experience. The processor (also called the CPU) and memory (RAM) are secondary factors but also overall important in the performance of the system for games.

High FPS gaming (aka high refresh rate) is becoming a very popular requirement of gaming systems, particularly for multiplayer shooter games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, CoD: Modern Warfare, Apex Legends and Overwatch.

High resolution gaming is what you want to aim for with visually stunning and immersive games. Best paired with a 2K (1440p) or 4K (2160p) monitor, you’ll often need a higher-end graphics card that is capable of working with high resolution and lots of effects. However, recent driver features from Nvidia and AMD have helped mid-range graphics cards achieve these levels of quality too.

Virtual reality (VR) gaming requires not only a gaming PC, but also headset hardware (and often hand controller hardware too). Of critical importance is the ability for the computer’s graphics to output a high frame rate (measured in FPS), this provides an optimally smooth experience for headset movement. Often it means you’ll need a high-end graphics card, paired with a strong CPU as well.

Live streaming is usually demanding on your graphics card and your CPU. You could get a better CPU (for H.264), or a better GPU (to use NVENC, for example), or you could get a dedicated hardware solution (Elgato is popular). We can make a recommendation to you based on your situation.

Graphics work - if you work in video, animation, graphics or live streaming, you may consider multiple graphics cards connected using a technology such as NVLink.

Data and science - if you work with data, then faster drives will greatly improve access and storage (read/write). We routinely place NVMe SSD drives in our workstation systems, and also occasionally pre-configure RAID (both Windows and hardware RAID) across your disks for you.


What it looks like is super-important. It has to look good.

RGB LED Gaming Systems are an impressive-looking favourite that sit aside your desk and light up the night, while your team wins the round. We build a lot of RGB LED Gaming Systems. Popular colour themes are: Full rainbow, black/red, black/blue.

White themed builds are a passion of ours. Clean white components, white sleeved cables, and white LED lighting. We think it’s a look that you will love as well. Check out our shop for items tagged “#white”.

Coloured lighting builds

Brand matched - don’t settle for LED lighting that doesn’t work togther, or weird combinations of components. We will make recommendations to ensure that your system components maximally compatible. For example, it makes perfect sense to control all your lighting from one software app.

Custom sleeved cables are available on request. We create these ourselves from paracord, and thoroughly test them before. Check out an example of our custom sleeved cables in one of our builds.

Putting it together

If you know what components you want, we recommend selecting them on PCPartPicker and sending us a link to your parts list.

You can also find something in our shop that you like (including out-of-stock items) and get us to build another one for you.

What’s next?

Get in touch with us, and let’s get your custom-order build rolling.

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