Custom Loop White NR200P 3080 Ti

We built this wicked water-cooled custom-loop as a customer-commissioned build. This mini gaming rig is white from top-to-bottom, featuring a powder-coated white case finish, white Primochill Ultra radiator, white Arctic P12 high-SP fans, EK Cryofuel Mystic Fog coolant, and heaps of white LED lighting (also completely ARGB - software-controlled).

Amongst our builds with the popular Cooler Master NR200P, this one is unique - we performed precise case modifications to invert the chassis, and added a top-mounted rail for radiator stability. Carefully tuned to allow for maximum performance within thermal and noise limits, this custom-looped build allows us to utilise the NR200P’s glass side panel for its deserved showiness.


CPU Ryzen 9 5900X, 12-core/24-thread CPU
Graphics Colorful GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Advanced OC-V, on water
Memory 64GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz DDR4 RAM
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix B550-I Gaming
Drive (Boot) 2TB Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD
Drive (Storage) 4TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
Power supply Silverstone 450W SFX PSU
Case Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P white
Dimensions 37cm x 18cm x 29cm